Flux Fin does it AGAIN!

It usually quite easy to be humble but when the most influential electronic music blog of the world announces its ”Top 20 Synthpop Albums of 2014″ it’s hard not to get nervous.

Flux Fin, our friends from Finland, helps me as the label relax and takes place along with several worthy bands like Iamamiwhoami and Erasure by securing a position among the top ten!

Ever aware of the importance of googleability, former Finnish trio Flux re-branded themselves as Flux Fin, brought in vocalist Karoliina Karppinen, and proceeded to release one of the best synthpop albums of the year.

See for yourself by reading the full list!

New album from Flux Fin!

It’s been a long time coming but finally our friends from Finland has put together a brand new album filled with wonderful music.

The title is ”Grit, Guts and Glory” and the official release date is set to November 28 2014. While waiting for that day please enjoy this example of perfect pop:

Debut single from Paug


Vocalist Kent Björnsson was half of the classic synthpop duo Native Cry – his new creative output is called Paug. The debut single is called ”Fält” (”Field” in English) and you just have to hear it to believe it.

Paug is about transfering the feeling of awe towards the grandeour of life, the human kinds universal search for the good life and the feeling of being lost in a big field.

The single is a question about the hidden powers that affects us and that keeps us from making sensible decisions, especially when we need it the most.

Photo by P-O Bergström.

For the first time on vinyl

It is with great pride we present you with the first ever Electric Fantastic Sound LP; the amazingly cool ”FRBFRT STHLM” by Raba Hiff. This mysterious duo from Stockholm and their electronica adds another milestone in the cultural landscape.

While waiting for further instructions on where to buy this deluxe vinyl LP – enjoy these songs!